Area of Specialization
Medico-Legal Advisory

Medico-legal Advisory Service (MLAS) provides expert advice to help minimise the chance of a complaint or claim occurring. The practice of medicine crosses path with law every once in a while. Med’n Laws advisors was founded with the vision of bridging the gap between medicine and law. We provide specialized medico-legal consultation to health care professionals, we take care of all the legal issues.

  • Safety from Uncertain future Risk
  • Hustle free process with minimal documentation
  • Wide coverage against various kinds of risks and losses
  • Mental Satisfaction
  • All other support systems
Operational Risk Management

With the increase in the number of law suits against health care professionals, it is important to periodically assess and manage legal risks. Med’n Laws Advisors provides specialized consultation, opinions to assess and manage legal risks. We work proactively and reactively to either prevent incident or to minimize the damages following an event.

  • Ensures Patient Safety
  • Minimizes Financial Risk
  • Helps in minimizing the damage
  • Protects your Reputation
  • Strong & Effective Claims Support
Insurance Advisory

As a Doctor or a Healthcare service provider, your top priority is providing care to your patients. But neglecting to meet your insurance needs can have a direct impact on your ability to practice medicine effectively. Medical negligence claims typically focus on a death or serious injury, but even relatively minor problems can result in an expensive.

  • Most Affordable Cost
  • Exhaustive coverage against different risks
  • Medical Centre/Hospital Policy
  • Customized Package
  • Hassle free documentation
  • Mid-term increase or decrease in the sum insured allowed
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Our Experts from field of law and hospital management are the best help when it comes to protection of nursing homes and hospitals from frivolous litigations.

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